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  • a thousand of
  • 1000 of


  • mi pikci lo nalterju'o cevni lo nu lo pa remna to pa mo'a nai da pu za lo kilto be lo nanca toi cu pu'i lanli gi'e tcidu ra
    • I pray to the unknown gods that one human (one not too few thing in the past thousand years) can and has analyzed and read it.
    • (source, la .xorxes., 2013)
  • mi pu bilga lo nu bajra tu'a lo kilto mitre be li mu
    • I had to run a 5 kilometer.
    • (source, selprami, 2005)
  • ku'i mi ponse lo tilju pe ci kilto grake po'o
    • But, I own some things that are 3 kilograms heavy only.
    • (source, vensa, 2012)
  • sa'u .ei curmi lo nu lo smani kilto ze'e pilno lo ci'atcu
    • Simply put, (obligation) something permits monkey-type-of thousands through all time to use scribe-type-of needs.
    • (source, tsani, 2013)
  • ma se platu smuni zo sruselkei do
    • What is the planned meaning of 'sruselkei' accepted by you?
    • (source, uacki, 2020)

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