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What is this?[edit]

It's a dictionary! See the original proposal.

From Lojban to non-Lojban[edit]

The objective is to provide curated definitions of words and examples of their usage between Lojban and English (and eventually other languages). The examples are not made up by the dictionary team, but sourced. Words are also not made up by the dictionary team. Only if a word is actually used nontrivially is it considered for inclusion.

Lojban words are also included if they are "official": one of the original gismu, cmavo, lujvo, and so on.

Definitions from Lojban to another language always point to the wiktionary for that language and to specific senses of that language's words, in order to reduce ambiguity.

From non-Lojban to Lojban[edit]

The objective is to provide suggested translations into Lojban for specific word senses and phrases in non-Lojban languages. Only words and phrases provided in the wiktionary for that language are considered.

Who can edit[edit]

Users who are granted "lexicographer" privileges may edit the dictionary.

Who can create user accounts[edit]

Only the Administrator and Vice Administrator can create lexicographer accounts. There is likely no future where the dictionary becomes so busy that more than two people are needed to create lexicographer accounts.